Thorben Gust joined THE GREAT SUSONICS for playing bass guitar!

When he was a young boy he started to play keyboards! Well, we all make mistakes and soon he recognized that playing keyboards is for pussies!

He intended to play in a rock band, so he got himself a secret weapon, the Gibson Thunderbird bass guitar and made his way from the side of the stage into the rockinĀ“ foreground!

Since the mid 90ties he played that thing in several bands and projects. His favourite band Skeletor made it into the well known clubs all over Europe and they tasted the air of fame!

After a few years this came to an end, but Thorben did not intend to go for vacation or leave the bass alone,  so he entered THE GREAT SUSONICS this summer!

His straight forward bass playing is exactly, what THE GREAT SUSONICS were looking for and now they cannot await to play the next live shows as an energetic high power rock trio. So do not miss `em this time!