Oskar moved to Hamburg in 1991 after often being there while touring Germany as a front-of-house-sound-engineer with many english and american rock bands.

This city impressed him very much, as well as the musicians of the bands he was doing sound for, who came to St.Pauli and played their gigs there in the red light district.

„We all were so impressed by St.Pauli and the Reeperbahn area these days, as this part of the town was pure Rock´n`Roll, it sweatened it out everywhere, rough, dirty, loud and distinctive!“

We never wanted to leave again, as this was the place for rock music and musicians!

That´s why Oskar at last nailed it, he moved into there and found a small room where he could stay for the first time…

Once he visited his friend Vincent, guitar player with the local heroes Shanghai´d Guts which Oskar was doing sound for , he picked up a guitar and strummed a few chords when immediately Vincent said:

“Ey, I am forming a new band and you will be part of it as guitar player!”

Oskar said: “But I can barely play that thing!” when Vincent said: “Doesn´t matter, I´ll teach you, you got that right feel….!”

So Oskar went down to Vic Abrams “Guitar Village” at the Talstraße and bought a 1974 Telecaster Thinline which was the beginning of “The Gréine Gretches”.

They got lots of attention and played everywhere around Hamburg and also supported Slash´s Snakepit who was so impressed, that he offered them to join him for the rest of the tour. But the Gréine Gretches singer at last proved as a pussy and denied to go on a long tour…

Being really disappointed Oskar hang the guitar back on the wall and went on tour for several years as sound engineer again…

But it´s in his genes and once he heard “The Colour And The Shape” from Dave Grohl it hit him like a rock!

“This is, what I always wanted to do!” and so he bought back his guitar from the local No 1 guitar store and started writing songs. After being dissapointed from singers in a band he never wanted to be fucked up by these guys again! So he decided to do it on his own.

After demoed 3 songs he played them to his girl friend who claimed: “Your voice sounds like a squeezed Kermit!”

Of course being down and drunk for three days he refused to give up and rehearsed on and on and on and kept writing new songs.

Then he looked for a drummer and a bass player and formed “THE GREAT SUSONICS”.

Affected by the Foo Fighters, Johnny Cash, Volbeat, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Faces and the anthems of Mike Ness´ Social Distortion he always wanted to have songs with a strong chorus, good lyrics and remarkabale guitar riffs.

“There is nothing as boring as a guitar solo!”

“The dynamic power and the authentic feel in a song is always the most important thing for me, as well as I hate stupid lyrics, a story has to be told in a good song!”

“Don´t bore us, where´s the chorus!”