Howdy folks, last summer we had a barbecue at Tims Hacienda and suddenly, some very strange and uninvited guys were showing up!

they came really a long way, but they did not want to stay
they took all my fuel away, but had no credit cards to pay

these guys where really lookin’ hip while they where smokin’ all my shit
and then they forced me on their ship with a concrete punch and hit

don’t panic is what they said, you can’t imagine who I met
Douglas Adams ain’t no dead, he loves his tea on board instead

I’ve endured a row of tests, they love to do with all their guests
but my results where more than worse, so they beamed me back to earth


I saw a spaceship from the inside, a flying saucer from the inside!

Enjoy this short impression of the THE GREAT SUSONICS on stage and see the whole show with blinding lights, a far too loud PA-system and drinks spilled over your best pants, stuck inside a dancing crowd havinĀ“ a whole lotta fun !

Glad to meet ya there, yours THE GREAT SUSONICS